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Project overview

Our services

On behalf of the education and career counselling center Arenenberg in Salenstein and in collaboration with Thomann Hospitality Management AG as strategic partner, we provided the following services:
  • Internal and external analysis of framework conditions
  • Needs analysis
  • Development of specific project vision for the site together with our client and partners
  • Compilation of the framework as basis for the targeted strategy for the property and project
  • Development of the masterplan for the site

About the project

Arenenberg is home of the education and training for farmers and makers of musical instruments.
BBZ also offers consulting in strategy development, operational optimization and social matters.
Another pillar at Arenberg is its seminars and meetings, which are hosted by their own restaurants and hotels. Arenenberg as a whole is a cultural, seminar and educational center with more than 600 years of landscaping heritage. Another highlight represents the castle with its original fittings and Napoleon museum. Arenenberg and in particular the hotel, restaurant and Napoleon museum with castle and park, are to be developed as touristic flagship, the existing constructions optimally utilized and profitability increased.

Facts and figures

BBZ Arenenberg

educational center, hotel, muesum 


8268 Salenstein



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