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Project overview

Our services

On behalf of Bracher & Partner Totalunternehmung AG and as project manager to our partners Thomann Hospitality Management AG and Katag & Partners AG, we provided the following services for the project “Am Baumgarten” in Unterägeri:
  • Development of the project vision for the owner-run property
  • Compilation of internal and external analysis
  • Consistent focus on targets and process requirements
  • Definition of the relevant target groups
  • Strategy development for the property and project by Thomann Hospitality Management AG
  • Concept development “Living Kitchen” and future market positioning
  • Development of concept description based on the strategic cornerstones and operational requirements
  • Definition of operational concept

About the project

In Unterägeri (ZG) Bracher & Partner Totalunternehmung AG build «Am Baumgarten», located on the site of St. Anna foundation. 31 apartments in the three existing buildings are in need of a light renovation. Three apartment buildings with a total of 27 residential units from 2.5 to 5.5 bedrooms are to be built additionally.
The health center is replaced with 44 residential units and service spaces for health-related services.
The construction works started in November 2017 with a planned completion in 2020. An open space for public use will be built on the ground floor, as part of the new building. The client wished to adapt the gastronomic concept to reflect the restaurant’s target group and be economically viable at its remote location. The result was our concept “Living Kitchen”.

Facts and figures

Bracher & Partner Totalunternehumng AG

Apartment complex

102 units
public spaces

6314 Unterägeri


CHF 77.5 millions

Image source
Bonainvest Holding AG